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We have an incredible group of authors signing at 'Show Me Your Books' Kansas City! From USA Today bestsellers to up-and-coming new authors, readers are going to have a blast. Whether you're only attending the signing, or you're going full VIP package to get the most of your visit, our authors are excited to meet you too!


If you are an author and interested in joining us. FIll out this form.​

Christine Alvarez​

Aaron Bunce

Allana Kephart/LA Kephart

Cassandra Chandler

Kathleen Collins

Aaron Conaway

A.J. Culey

Linda Frazier

Laura Hawks

Lori Ann Gerlisky

Leora Gonzales

Landra Graf

R.L. Kenderson


C.A. King

Geoff Habiger & Coy Kissee

Evelyn Lederman

JD Martin

Douglas McLeod

Brian McNatt

Julia Mills

Kevin M. Moehring

Ashley Nemer

Coleen Rector

Cherron Riser

Haley Rhoades

Janelle Samara

Sarah Sapp



Eliza Sinclair

Sarah Shipley

Shelly Small

Rosalie Stanton

Laura Stapleton

Sophie Stern

Bess Sturgis

Izzy Szyn

Becky Tucker

Cooper McKenzie/Susan Walker

Dakota Trace

Jennifer Wedmore

Brooke Williams

Terri A. Wilson

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